My one day stay in Uganda!

From the moment we arrived, you can feel the warmth in the people. Their welcoming smiles makes you feel right at home.

The ride to the hotel was filled with beautiful scenery. All green, wide and open spaces. we had to ask the driver a few times to stop to snap some shots, since we have a very short stay and wanted to see as much as we can.

The  bus took us to our hotel, Speke resort. This place is beyond magical. First we entered through huge gates and it was hard not to notice the number of weddings going on at the resort. It’s a beautiful place for such occasion without a doubt.

Once we unpacked it was time to decide how we are going to spend our time there. Eventually we decided to visit the market, and get a feel of the city’s authenticity.

When it was time to eat, we decided to join the huge buffet offered at the hotel. There is wide variety of food and live cooking stations.

We ended the day by chilling by the pool and having some drinks.

Entebbe, Uganda is defintely a place I would like to go back to for at least a few days, the activities the place offers like boat excursions, where you get to do Nile perch fishing and visit Ngamba island chimp sanctuary, are hard to skip.

Ngmaba island Chimpanzee sanctuary was established to care for these lovely animals. It’s situated on lake Victoria, 23 km from Entebbe, and you get there by boats.

Apart from that, the people really make this place even more appealing to visit. Also I felt extra special when i discovered they have a bottled water named after me! (Riham) ahaha!!




What I wore?:

For a one day trip I packed something light and colorful that suits a tropical weather. This jersey dress is very comfy and I added the over sized jean jacket to give it a bit of color contrast and alter the style.

Dress: H&M/Jacket:Forever 21

If you’re looking for fun adventure without spending a lot of money, then Uganda is definitely worth traveling to!

Let me know your thoughts and if you’ve been there and any advice for my next visit! Later! Riham X

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