Hello everybody! So every month I will be creating a list of my Favorite items!

For September I’m adding items that suits summer and autumn weather.

I know some of my readers live on the other side where it’s starting to get a bit chilly, and they need to keep up to date with the latest in stores!

1-Black Knitted top by River Island:


This top can easily be dressed up or down. Also great for mid season.

2-Lace dress by Zara:

If you love wearing black, this one adds a twist by adding the lace, giving it a softer edge.


3-Jump Suit by Zara:

Yes more pink for me please!  I’m loving those wide legged pants look, plus the color is to die for!

4-Clear Pointed boots by Top Shop:

A total show stopper. I love that the front tip is covered, making the boots look a lot more elegant.

5-Striped Front Knot blouse by Top Shop:

Striped pieces haven’t gone anywhere. I’m a big fan of the pieces that stand out without the need to add too much accessories.

6-Cross body bag by Top Shop:

This cross body bag goes well with a day laid back outfit.

7-Bracelet Shoulder bag by Chloe:

I love unusual items that stands out and this one definitely fits that.

8- Chain link gold plated bracelet by Jennifer Fisher:


I adore a sleek and simple bracelet. Wear it on its own and add a nice touch to any outfit.

9-Satin Jumpsuit by Galvan:

A beautiful, fun and chic jumpsuit by Galvan

10- Metallic Fringed scarf by Chloe:

A perfect piece to wrap around the neck.


11- Over-sized turtle neck sweater by A.W.A.K:

Keeping it cozy in this over-sized sweater.

12-Tiffany and Co. Fragrance:

The iconic brand created a new fragrance. A must try!


Hope you liked September list. Tune in for a monthly updates, and let me know in the comments which one is you favorite! Later! Riham X


Shop the post:

Tiffany and Co. Fragrance
over sized sweater by A.W.A.K.E
Metallic scarf by Chloe
Satin Jump suit by Galvan
Chain link gold plated bracelet by Jennifer Fisher
Bracelet shoulder bag by Chloe
Cross body bag by Top shop
Striped front Knot blouse by Top shop
Clear Pointed shoes by Top shop
Jump suit by Zara
Lace Dress by Zara
Black Knitted Top

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