Dealing with disappointments

Today I wanted to share with you my take on how to deal with disappointments. It is something we all go through in life whether it had to do with our day to day interactions or it was a much bigger situation at work or socially or in your relationship. There is no guarantee that every decision we take is going to bring us the results we were looking forward to and that is why from the start we need to manage our expectations and not get carried away,

I’m talking today about the bigger type of disappointments which can really alter your life course and had a lot built on it. Over the years I’ve learnt and maybe even got better at handling disappointments, and this is how managing your expectations will help you, it’s about not being completely blind to whatever outcome this choice might bring you,

To over come that feeling, at the beginning I will let myself feel it, I’ll allow myself feel that loss because bottling up your feelings can back fire and it’s just not healthy, mentally nor physically,

I will also avoid blaming myself for making that choice or doing this and not doing that, I find that blaming yourself is a very pointless way of thinking and won’t help in any way, on the contrary, you will feel even worse and begin to think a lot more negatively and will find it harder getting yourself out of that state.

what I find very helpful is talking to someone close who you trust and will help you gain a positive perspective of your situation, also its a great way to release your emotions and get that support you need.

As I mentioned before, it’s important to get that time to feel the loss but it’s also important to know when to take a stand and make that shift, you will find that easy to do when you engage in doing things you like to do, maybe working out or hanging out with friends or taking care of yourself in whichever way you like, but do the things that make you feel good and that will help you lose that feeling of loss or failure or disappointment, and get back up, little by little.

There is something new you learn about yourself with every disappointment you may encounter,  so try and surprise yourself by standing even taller and stronger every time you feel like you lost a battle, and never be scared to try again.

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